Weekend wanders…:

Last weekend we took a trip to Folkestone and spent most of the day exploring the wonderful range of shops and galleries in the Creative Quarter of the town.

We went into lots of shops but the window of one of the galleries caught our eye (we spent a very long time looking in) as it was filled with succulents. We couldn’t help taking a picture either as some of them were HUGE…!


One of the highlights of the day was our stop off at The Lavender Tea House on Church Street. The Tea house serves delicious Kent and Sussex Tea Company teas in beautiful china alongside tasty cakes and light bites. We tried the Cranberry Rose Sencha Green tea which was delicate and fruity and the Blue Lady tea a citrus and fragrant black tea. We also couldn’t help but try some of their delicious lemon drizzle cake too! We’d recommend it to anyone in the area and will be stocking up with those teas too!

Tea at The Lavendar Tea Rooms

Our final stop for the evening was Googies for burgers, craft beer and milkshakes! The food was amazing and all their meat is locally sourced from a farm that really cares about the welfare of its cows. Their tasty falafel burger pleased the non meat eaters among us. They were some of the best burgers we’ve ever had!

Bugs & Birds


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