DIY Address Book

Last Week it was brought to our attention that we needed a new address book, rather than buying one we decided to get our craft on and make one. Here is a simple tutorial so you can make one too.

You will need…

One sheet of A5 Card

12 Sheets of A5 Paper

Ribbon or Thread and A Needle

Decorative Stamp or Pens

Letter Stamps

Ink Pad


Hand Drill or Hole Punch



Take the A5 card and decorate it by stamping or drawing on it by hand if you are feeling creative. This card will form the cover of your address book. We chose to stamp ours with swallows because well, BIRDS! The gold created a nice contrast against the black card. You could also use patterned card.

Once we had achieved the desired affect we set aside the cover to dry for a bit.

Next cut tabs out of the paper, these will form the pages of the address book. For A5 paper tabs of 1.8cm long allowed for 8 tabs down the page without them being too small to stamp our letters on. We decided to do a tab for every three letters in the alphabet allowing 3 pages for each tab, plenty of room for all our addresses.

Next hand stamp or write your letters on the tabs.

To begin joining the book together mark out 14 dots down the centre of the middle page each at a distance of 1cm. Using a hand drill make a hole where each of the dots were. Making the holes beforehand provides a guide for your needle and thread,  if you are joining your book with ribbon use a hole punch to create larger holes that will allow the ribbon to pass through.

Stitch along the holes with your thread or weave in and out with your ribbon, we used gold embroidery thread to tie in with the gold ink we had used for the swallows, and add a nice finishing touch. Make sure you keep your thread or ribbon nice and tight so all the pages are held together firmly, when you are finished tie a knot in the end.

Voila! You have your own, handmade address book!

Hand Stamped Black and Gold Swallow Notebook

If you have a go at making your own address book show us the finished product by tagging us in a picture on Instagram!

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