Paper Pom-Pom DIY

Be warned, this is really fun and highly addictive!

With a party in our midst we got to brainstorming about decorations we could make, tissue paper pom-poms were a no-brainer, super cute and easy to make. Follow the step by step guide below to make some too!


You will need; Tissue paper, Scissors, Ruler, String

Step 1

Choose some pretty tissue paper, we chose pastels to match the colour theme for our party. For larger pom-poms you will want tissue paper sized 20″ by 30″ and for the smaller ones we simply halved the size.

Step 2

Lay out 8 sheets of tissue paper ensuring they line up neatly.

Step 3

Fold the paper with an accordion style fold, for the larger pom-poms we made the depth of the folds about and inch deep and for the smaller ones about .7 of an inch deep.



Step 4

Once your paper is completely folded tie some string or ribbon around the middle ensuring you leave a length of string (or ribbon) for hanging your pom-pom with.


Step 5

Trim the ends of the folded tissue paper, this will create different shapes in your final pom-pom, rounded ends give a ‘softer’ finish, whereas pointy ends create a spikier finish.



Step 6

Now fan out your folded tissue paper, separate each sheet crumpling it towards the middle. Being careful not to rip the tissue, fold four sheets towards the centre on one side and the repeat on the other side.



There you have it, you own pom-poms ready to brighten up any party!


Let us know how yours turn out!

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