Origami Party Ornaments DIY

One of the things we are passionate about is doing things ourselves rather than going straight to the shops and buying things. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we are not! This DIY came about when we failed miserably at making origami diamonds we had been admiring from afar, although we didn’t achieve what we had set out to our results were just as rewarding plus we had a lot of laughs along the way!


Follow the steps below to make your very own Bugs and Birds party ornaments!

You will need; Thick paper or thin card (Square), we cut A4 paper into a square for our ornaments. Scissors, Needle, Thread.

Step 1

Take one piece of square paper or card.

Step 2

Fold it diagonally both ways being as precise as possible, use your nails to make sharp creases.

Step 3

Fold into quarters creating creases as seen in the picture below. (Tip – being precise and making sharp folds will make the later steps much easier)

Step 4

Fold A over onto B, then tuck both sides (C) inwards using the folds as guides.

You will be left with something that looks like this…

Step 5

Fold the outer corners of your triangle in towards the mid-line of the triangle, repeat on both sides.

You should end up with something that looks like this….

Step 6

Turn your paper over and repeat step 5 so you have something that looks like the image below.

Step 7

Trim off the bottom of your paper…

Step 8

Heres where it gets a little tricky! Point needs to end up on top, to do this you need to reverse the folds at both the points marked B. Once you have done one side repeat on the other, then turn your paper over and repeat again.

Your paper should be looking like the image below, as you can see point is now on top and points are reversed.

Step 9

When flattened your paper should look something like the image below…

… now fold the bottom corner up towards the paper mid-line on each flap of paper…

…until it resembles this!

Here is where you have a choice, you can gently loosen these folds so your origami ornament looks like this or you can follow the next few steps for an ornament with a slightly different finish.

Step 10 (if you choose to continue)

Gently unfold your paper…

Step 11

Refold your paper, reverse folding the folds created by those final creases you made when folding the corners up in step 9.

and there you have your final Bugs and Birds Ornament!

We finished ours off by stringing them with embroidery thread that matched the paper we used, this gave a nice polished finish!

Let us know what you think of these and how you get on, we love it when you tag us in pictures of your finished products!

Bugs and Birds


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