October – Highlights  & Sneak Peaks

October drawing to a close marks one WHOLE month since we embarked on our blogging journey, we thought we would summarise our highlights so far and let you see some sneak peaks of what we have in store for the month ahead!

We showed you some of our favourite accessories by the talented Coo & Co…

… And had a go at our first DIY tutorial for this charming little address book.

We fell in love with this giant succulent in Folkestone (and are now battling each other to see who can grow their own giant succulent first!)

We made A LOT of pastel pom-poms (all of which are still hanging in Bugs’s house)

And we made even more of these origami party ornaments (also still haven’t taken them down!)

We embarked on a little sewing journey using this gorgeous book by Tilly Buttons,  we will keep you posted about how it goes just as soon as Birds figures out the thread tension on her sewing machine!

We also spent a lazy Sunday getting to grips with weaving using this lovely little loom from a recent Mollie Makes…

We got literary inspired body art (temporary!)

In the month ahead keep your eyes peeled to find out what we were up to with all this copper tubing…

… see how much mess we made having a go at fabric printing projects from Zeena Shah’s lovely new book (which you can purchase from her website here)…

…and see what experimenting we’ve been getting up to in the kitchen!

We have loved all the feedback we have received over the last month, please keep us in the loop with pictures of what you have been up to as well!

Bugs & Birds


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