Diet Coke Cake 

We are going to let you into a little secret that everyone should know about!

As keen bakers we would never usually use a ready made cake mix however this is the easiest cake to make, it is super tasty AND it contains no animal products! We found out about this brilliant trick through word of mouth on a forum for people who eat a plant based diet and it’s now our go-to cake when we need to whip one up in a hurry.

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer, basically you can get ANY box of cake mix add a 330ml can of carbonated drink (instead of the eggs and oil), mix until smooth, bake until it springs back gently when touched and VOILA! Tasty, vegan cake!

Our favourite combination is a Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix and a can of Diet Coke however you can literally use any combination you like.

You can even lick the spoon without any worries of salmonella!

The bubbles in a the carbonated drink make the sponge light and airy, we filled ours with buttercream made with a vegan margerine, cocoa and some tangy marmalade. It went down a treat and no one could tell it didn’t contain any animal products.

(Tip – we baked ours for roughly an extra 5 minutes as the mixture was rather wet)

Has anyone else tried this cake trick out before? Let us know if you try making one and how it goes!!

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