Banana Chai Loaf…

While many of you may be starting out with new years resolutions to eat less cake, we are not so much… (although this cake could be classed as healthy as it has bananas in it!).

For this cake we used Bluebird Tea Co’s own recipe to add a spicy twist to a classic banana loaf. You can find the recipe here!

We veganised this recipe by simply using a sunflower margarine, instead of using an egg we used egg replacement powder and finally we replaced cows milk with rice milk.

This cake tasted amazing and the chai tea came through really nicely, the only thing was we perhaps didn’t mash our bananas enough leading to them all sinking to the bottom of the mixture. Next time we will try a hand mixer rather that beating it by hand. The mix also was really wet even and we ended up baking the cake for around 50 minutes at which point we lost our nerve in case it burnt. Looking back next time maybe cooking it slightly longer at a lower heat or in smaller muffin cases might work better.

Let us know if you’ve tried it and how it turns out!

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