Enchanted Narnia Tea Biscuits

Tea and biscuits, a classic combination. Today we are putting our tea IN our biscuits by adapting another of Bluebird Tea Co’s yummy tea mixology recipes.

crop me

We took Bluebird’s Cherry Lips Tea Biscuit Recipe and replaced their Cherry Lips tea with their Enchanted Narnia tea for a turkish delight flavoured treat!

In order to veganise this recipe we replaced butter with sunflower margarine and the egg with egg replacement powder. For the icing we replaced the tea with rose water.

This recipe leant itself well to being veganised, the biscuits were delicious (Birds ate over half of them!). The Enchanted Narnia tea gave the biscuits a delicate but irresistible turkish delight flavour with the rose water icing helping enhance these flavours. We definitely need to try the original Cherry Lips version of these soon!

Bugs & Birds



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